Which is better: Sylvan or Huntington?

Answer On One Hand: Comparable to One AnotherSylvan and Huntington are both tutoring centers and are very comparable to one another. Time magazine says they both started in the late 1970s, teach all grade... Read More »

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Can huntington disease be treated?

On One Hand: Huntington's is TreatableThe symptoms of Huntington's disease are treatable. According to the Mayo Clinic, medications can control jerky movements (tetrabenazine), outbursts and halluc... Read More »

Is Huntington's disease preventable?

On One Hand: Parents Can Take Prevention MeasuresPeople who have inherited the gene that causes Huntington's disease can prevent passing the gene on by adopting children or by using in-vitro fertil... Read More »

Who owns the huntington condominiums?

Every condominium association is owned by unit owners.

What languages did Samuel Huntington speak?

Sources seem to indicate that he speaks English, Spanish, and Arabic.