What is Homing?

Answer During installation, the gantry must be installed squarely and hard stops must be installed in the correct places. Once this is done, whenever the machine is started for the first time each day, or... Read More »

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How to Train a Homing Pigeon?

This guide will teach how to train a pigeon to fly out of your loft and come back.

How do I feed homing pigeons?

Feeding SpacePlace homing pigeons in an outdoor cage where you can take care of them, including feeding them. Line the cages with newspaper, kitty litter, wood chips or other materials that can col... Read More »

How to Make a Breeding Cage for Homing Pigeons?

Breeding cages for pigeons are basic cages with the only purpose being for breeding. They are wooden boxes that have wire mesh walls and a wire mesh door. A simple design for this kind of cage will... Read More »