What is Herbert W Hoover vacuum famous for?

Answer a black hole

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The inventer of the headphones was Herbert Hoover?

How many cabinet members did herbert hoover have?

President Herbert Hoover's cabinet had 10 positions, compared with 15 in the modern presidency. Four of the positions were filled by two people during the four-year span of Hoover's term.Source:Int... Read More »

What middle school did President Herbert Hoover go to?

Herbert Hoover attended the Quaker-run Friends Pacific Academy in Newberg, Oregon, for the remainder of his kindergarten-through-eighth-grade education after he moved with his maternal aunt and unc... Read More »

Which vacuum bags is used for hoover mach 2.1 vacuum cleaners?

Answer AnswerIf, when you state "...240 watt 2.0amp..." you are indicating that 2 amps, or 240 watts at 120 volts, then that inverter will power a device which does NOT draw more than that amount o... Read More »