What is Hedonic Adaptation?

Answer Definition: Hedonic means of or relating to utility. (Literally, pleasure-related.) A hedonic econometric model is one where the independent variables are related to quality; e.g. the quality of a ... Read More »

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Importance of Adaptation?

Adaptation is essential in order to to survive and move ahead in the world. The ability to adapt to people, situations and surroundings affords people a greater opportunity to get what they want an... Read More »

What is Survival Adaptation?

All living things need to adapt in order to survive in their particular environment in a particular way. Adaptations take generations to develop. Animals and plants that are unable to adapt to chan... Read More »

What is a sea otter's adaptation?

Sea otters are the smallest marine mammal. They belong to the Mustelidae family that also includes weasels and ferrets. Sea otters have evolved remarkable adaptations, which allow them to spend vir... Read More »

Why is the thumb an adaptation?

The significance of the thumb is often overlooked. Unlike human toes and other fingers, the thumb moves in all directions. The thumb's unique range of motion allows humans to partake in activities ... Read More »