What does it mean to be hector reborn?

Answer Hector refers to the defender of Troy a character in the Iliad. Hector Reborn would be someone imbued with a warrior spirit so powerful it would take a demigod to defeat him.

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What is the origin of the name"Hector"?

According to Baby Names World, the name Hector means "holding fast." The name was originally of Greek origin and was spelled Hektor, but it was adopted by the Latin culture as Hector. In Homer's Il... Read More »

Who is more famous mr bean or hector from trojian war?

To answer your question, I have never even heard of Mr. Bean, whoever you're talking about. However, I have heard of Hector, so I suppose the answer is Hector. Since I have no idea who Mr. Bean is,... Read More »

How to Dress Like Hector from Ozzy and Drix?

Ozzy and Drix was a show based on the 2001 movie Osmosis Jones that ran from 2002-2004. The main character is Hector Cruz, a 13 year old boy who is the body in which the show takes place. Here's ho... Read More »

How does Apollo help Hector kill Patroclus in the Iliad?

Patroclus convinced Achilles to let him don Achilles' armor and lead the Myrmidons into combat. In his lust for combat, Patroclus pursued the Trojans all the way back to the gates of Troy, defying ... Read More »