How Do I Clean My Milky Hazy Car Headlights?

Answer Most of today's headlamps are made from plastic polycarbonate, which is lighter and more resistant to cracks than the old glass headlamps. The plastic has a tendency to get hazy, though, after year... Read More »

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Why is the pool water hazy and grey?

%DETAILS% Answer I have had this problem. I'm not a pool expert, but from personal experience, this is what I know:White or grey water usually occurs after super-chlorinating the pool. If it doesn'... Read More »

Why is tile hazy after applying grout?

If you do not thoroughly remove grout residue from the surface of your tiles, the residue will dry into a hazy film. The haze may be easy or difficult to remove, depending on how thick the residue ... Read More »

How do I clean hazy film off drinking glasses?

Put all the hazy drinking glasses into the dishwasher. You can also add glass plates, but nothing metal, like silverware. Depending on the size of your dishwasher, place a bowl with ½ to 1 cup of ... Read More »

How do I remove hazy film from ceramic tile?

Clean the Tile With VinegarFill a bucket with half water and half vinegar to make a solution to clean the grout haze. Mix until the two liquids combine. Mop the floor with a clean mop and the solut... Read More »