Why did americans believe that trumans foreign policy was not working?

Answer They wanted money and thought they'd get stuff cheap if they had a deal with the leader of Cuba and they never stay out of anything

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An important US foreign policy was named after this man who served as president trumans secretary of state?

This development, as well as Communist-led revolts in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaya, led U.S. foreign-policy makers to vow to hold the line against communism in East Asia

Harry Morgan was not Joe Friday as referred to in the Randy Stuart bio. Harry Morgan was officer Bill Gannon. Please correct this error.?

If your the eldest brother out of a middle brother and a younger sister why do the middle and youngest sibling dislike the eldest if he doesn't even bother them at all?

Maybe its because they feel you that you have more rigths

Harry Styles! HELP PLEASE?

It's probably fake, people on tumblr make fake gifs all the time. He could of been saying something different and it just looks like he said that so they wrote that.I don't think it's okay to label... Read More »