What is HTML code to make everything disappear when submit button is clicked?

Answer First of all, you had most of it correct, except that you were telling it to collapse the whole "body" of the web page: "document.body". If you only wish to do a portion of it, then you need to s... Read More »

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How do I build a form that will populate rows of an Excel spreadsheet when "Submit" is clicked (html or .pdf)?

First of all, "paper questionnaires" can not be imported directly into MS-Excel. You would need to run them through a scanner and then use some OCR software against those scans to get the "image" ... Read More »

Have you ever clicked the button i'm feeling lucky on google?

no ... i have a paranoia of being taken to a trojan or virus ..

What's the html code for centering text horizontally and vertically in an empty html page?

This should work: TEXT GOES HERE.Keep in mind though that you aren't centering the entire inner div but its top edge.You can also use margin: auto; to center an element in its parent element, this ... Read More »

What is the HTML code to make your web more accurate?

There are two main types of meta code, description and keywords. The description one works like this:Or, add keywords like:These both go in the head section of your page. Also, you don't just add y... Read More »