What is HDR and how can I use it with a Canon G7?

Answer It stands for "high dynamic range." What it means is producing a digital image that has a greater dynamic range (the range of values from dark to light) than a single digital image is capable of.O... Read More »

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Canon G9 with a Canon underwater housing I want to use it with an exsternal strobe therefore what type model strobe should I use is the stick on fibre optic U shape cable the right choice?

What Canon lenses work with a Canon T3i?

Any lens that he can use on his 30D can be used on your T3i, and the reverse is true as well. All Canon EF and EF-S lenses will work on the T3i, as well as lenses made by third-party manufacturers ... Read More »

Are Canon AE-1 camera lenses compatible with Canon EOS dgitial Rebel cameras?

Will a Canon EOS Speedlite 540EZ work with a canon eos 400d?

I don't know how long ago you asked this question, but the 540EZ is VERY old. It's pretty much obsolete now.Go for the 430EX or the 580EX. They're a decent price, and work very well.If you want mor... Read More »