What is HD and FULL HD..Which is better in display and why?

Answer "HD ready " says that the television can display an image from an HD signal, whether it is a 1080 or 720 line format. However, it makes no claims about the resolution of the screen itself. Some HD ... Read More »

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What is better for eyesight -Negative or positive display?

I would suggest that positive image display is better for eyesight. Nature has imbued our eyes to watch a positive image. Positive image is not detrimental for your eyesight. However, you may minim... Read More »

Why won't my laptop display full screen on youtube?

hello sir, i had the same problom. Try right clicking on the video your watching and select settings, under the display setting, uncheck enable hardware acceleration, then retry fullscreen on the v... Read More »

Can anyone help restore my laptop to full screen display, please?

just right click anywhere free on the desktop and click on screen resolution and make sure its on recommended which should be full screen (1366 x 768) is mine...just play with the size otherwise th... Read More »

What is better full HD or HD?

full HD is better as the image is much more clear