What is HD, HDMI, HD Ready, Full HD?

Answer "Which is the best?"None of these are "best" because they are overlapping terms -- it is actually possible for all 4 to be applicable at once!"What do they mean?"HD = High Definition.HDMI = High De... Read More »

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What does"HDMI-ready"mean?

When a device is HDMI-ready, it means that it can be connected by a HDMI cable to another HDMI device, allowing its standard of high-definition audio and video to be experienced.References:AnandTec... Read More »

Can you use a hdmi cable on a hd ready tv?

You look at the back of a HDTV or HD ready TV to determine what input plugs exist. You can also use the owners manual. Normally an HD ready TV is an older model that does not have an HD turner for ... Read More »

How do you connect a 3d blu-ray player to a 3d ready projector without a hdmi input?

What is better a HD ready TV or a full HD TV?

yes, HD ready means lower resolution than full HD. full HD is capable of 1080 pixels whereas HD ready is only capable of 720 pixels.