Would it bad to wear a grey shirt with a dark and light grey jacket?

Answer Don't care about others. Wear what you like. And it looks O.K. Nothing wrong if you wear it.

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Are an African Grey and a grey macaw different?

African Grey parrots and macaws are different. There are only two types of African Grey parrots: the larger parrot Congo and the smaller parrot Timneh. Macaws do not share the same voice as the Afr... Read More »

Is it true that if you pull out one grey hair, more than one grey hair will grow back in its place?

This is NOT true. Each hair has a folicle that it grows out of. You only have a certain amount of them. If you pull one hair 2 or more cannot grow in the same folicle and you cannot grow new folicles.

I`m Going grey at 25 what can i do?

i know of someone in his 70s and he has blond hair and no balding,. uses oxygen therapy. swears by it. hope this helps

What is Earl Grey tea made of?

Earl Grey tea--named after the 19th-century Prime Minister Charles Grey--contains a blend of both Indian and Ceylon teas. The tea gets its distinct, refreshing taste from oil derived from Bergamot ... Read More »