What is Gonzo the Muppet?

Answer Gonzo the Great ranks among the most popular and endearing of Jim Henson's Muppets. His exact species remains something of a running joke.PuppeteerSince his inception, Gonzo has been performed by M... Read More »

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Who is Gonzo in the Muppet's Show?

What animal is gonzo on the muppet show?

This question was *sort-of* answered in the movie "Muppets From Space". Gonzo is officially an alien...but that still doesn't go towards explaining *what type* of alien, or what species, etc.He tho... Read More »

Other then fraggle rock sesame street the muppet show what other muppet featured childrens sHow is were there from late 80s early 90s?

What is the largets muppet's name from the Muppet Show?

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