What is Ghirardelli?

Answer The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is one of the most prominent chocolate manufacturers in the United States and the world. Its products are sold in many types of retail outlets, including departmen... Read More »

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What is Ghirardelli chocolate?

Ghirardelli chocolate is a brand-name candy produced by the Ghiardelli Chocolate Company. In addition to Ghirardelli stores, chocolates are sold in grocery, discount and drug stores, reports the co... Read More »

Facts About Ghirardelli Chocolate?

Domenico Ghirardelli founded Ghirardelli Chocolate Company in 1852 with the name "Ghirardely & Girard." Ghirardelli is an American company, with its beginnings in San Francisco, California, where G... Read More »

Does Ghirardelli chocolate have caffeine?

All milk and dark chocolates contain caffeine, and this includes Ghirardelli chocolate. If you are trying to avoid caffeine completely, Ghirardelli chocolate should not be a part of your diet.Sourc... Read More »

Can Ghirardelli hot cocoa mix be made with water instead of milk?

Ghirardelli recommends using heated milk to make Ghirardelli hot cocoa. Though some consumers choose to make hot cocoa with water, the substitution may result in a different version of the intended... Read More »

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