What is German beef roulade?

Answer As a chef I made this alot, there are many variations on the recipe but the it basically a pound flat beef cutlet, from the inside round or eye of the round, stuffed with veggies, pickles, mustard ... Read More »

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How to Cut a Roulade?

A roulade is traditionally the name for very thin meat filled with cheese, vegetables, mushrooms or other ingredients, then rolled tightly, secured with picks or string, browned and either braised ... Read More »

What is the very cheapest possible cut of beef money can buy (shin beef)(beef skirt)ect?

The cheapest cut of beef are those flank, shank, round and butt which is less than $2.00 a pound and even cheaper if on sale *

Where can you watch or download One Piece from episode 262 to the end on GERMAN but with no German subs it must be in German language?

you can watch the new episodes on the link below. just search for the episode you will watch (just like youtube) but beware there are BOTH the German dub AND the German sub versions the episodes... Read More »

How to Make Chocolate Roulade?

Want to make an ongoing swirl of chocolate? Delicious, creamy, chocolatey and perfect for a big dinner? Well, here's a guide just for you!