How do i expunge a criminal record in georgia?

Answer RequestComplete section one of the Request to Expunge Arrest Record form. Pay a non-refundable $25 fee in the form of a certified check or money order to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. If any... Read More »

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How do I clear a felony from a record in Georgia?

PreparationCheck that your case is expungeable: Georgia law allows expungement only in cases where charges were dropped without conviction (i.e. Dismissed; Nolle Prosse; Not Presented to Grand Jur... Read More »

If a 17-year-old and 21-year-old who have a baby together get married in Georgia will the marriage be legal in the state of Tennessee?

Answer If the bride is pregnant, no parental consent is required in Georgia, if you submit a statement from a Georgia licensed physician certifying that the bride is pregnant. If underage applican... Read More »

Can you get a Georgia insurance license with a felony on your record?

Yes you can, it depends on the offense of course. If it involves embezzelment, insurance fraud or a violent crime it won't happen. Everything is case by case and on the application answer honestly ... Read More »

Is probate in Georgia a matter of public record?

In Georgia, probate is a matter of public record. Probate cases, which deal with the verification of wills, are handled in a court of record. Therefore, information revealed in this setting must be... Read More »