How does lunar geology differ from geology?

Answer Lunar geology is the study of the moons geological features; moons crust, rocks etc. and regular geology is the study of earths features; soil, rocks, land forms.

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Who was the father of geology?

James Hutton, a naturalist and farmer from Scotland who studied medicine and chemistry, is the father of geology. Hutton formulated ideas about erosion and sedimentation that helped establish geolo... Read More »

What is Jupiter's geology?

It has no rocks and therefore no geology. It is made of gas.

What does numerical age in geology mean?

When dating fossils, rocks or other geological specimens, the numerical age is the closest approximation of the chronological point in time when the specimen formed, and is expressed as an absolute... Read More »

What does movement mean in geology?

In geology, the term movement typically refers to “continental drift”–a theory first put forward by German geologist Alfred Wegener in 1915– and, more recently, “plate tectonics,” which... Read More »