How does lunar geology differ from geology?

Answer Lunar geology is the study of the moons geological features; moons crust, rocks etc. and regular geology is the study of earths features; soil, rocks, land forms.

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What is Jupiter's geology?

It has no rocks and therefore no geology. It is made of gas.

What is assimilation in geology?

I am guessing you are talking with regard to magmatic differentiation during the eruption process? If so assimilation is simply the chemical change in the magma due to the magma melting other rock ... Read More »

What is the geology of Yellowstone Park?

According to the official website, Yellowstone National Park covers over 2 million acres. The majority of the park is in Wyoming, but small sections also reach into Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone's... Read More »

What are the Careers relating geology and photography?

Archeaological surveys often use a mix of these things, perhaps a Geophysicist or a landscape surveyor/archaeologist.