How to Solo in Gaelic Football?

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What is Gaelic?

Though the name Gaelic is often used to describe Scottish Gaelic specifically, Gaelic is also the name for the group of languages found in Ireland, the Isle of Man and Scotland.ClassificationPart o... Read More »

What is the Gaelic word for father?

The Gaelic word for father is "athair." However most children in Irish cultures use English words such as dad or daddy when addressing their fathers. "Athair" has often been used in tattoos on peop... Read More »

What is the origin of the Gaelic language?

The Gaelic language originated in the British Isles and is one of the half-dozen or so insular Celtic languages, which include Welsh, Irish, Manx, Breton and Cornish. It was first spoken in Irelan... Read More »

What does Forest mean in Gaelic?

"Forest" is not a Gaelic word. However, the Gaelic word "coille" or "coill" means "forest" or "wood." Coille is pronounced kuh-oh-i-ll, with the "l" sound resembling the "ll" sound of "million."Ref... Read More »