What is FileMaker Pro software?

Answer FileMaker Pro is a software program used to create, edit and maintain databases. FileMaker Pro allows users to manage database portfolios and share secured information over networks and the Intern... Read More »

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What is FileMaker Pro?

FileMaker Pro is a software program that offers a simple database program for businesses, education groups, government groups and other collaborators to share files and information. FileMaker Pro ... Read More »

What is FileMaker?

FileMaker is a database that was originally part of the ClarisWorks software package. FileMaker's database is like a file cabinet with many files. FileMaker allows you to create a digital file abou... Read More »

What is a foreign key in FileMaker Pro?

According to the Filemaker support site, the foreign key "is a field in a table" the program uses to find information in a separate but related table. This function is similar to the primary key's ... Read More »

How to Set Up FileMaker Online?

FileMaker Pro includes an instant Web publishing feature that allows you to automatically publish any database for editing or review over a website hosted on your computer or a third-party hosting ... Read More »