What is Facebook REALLY all about?

Answer It's about gathering information about as many people as possible,to make money advertising and ...god knows what else...Never post anything that could turn around and bite you in the @rse ! never ... Read More »

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What do you think facebook is really all about?

it is all about collecting information on the users, for what purpose i'm not sure. but you can be sure that anyone with such a large data base of information on millions of people is up to no good... Read More »

I have a facebook page about bmx and tattoos, how do I make it really successful?

Keep updating your page with attractive and useful statuses. Keep asking for feedback on a regular basis, make your changes reflect. Like and comment on others’ comments. Post your page on your c... Read More »

Is there really anything you can do about your friend changeing your facebook password and takeing it over?

You can go on the Facebook login site use ur old password until it say wrong password or click forgot pass word and it will say your username:____ then one facbook friend____ (make sure to put firs... Read More »

What to do about a certin person writing things about you on facebook?

You cant do anything about it its an unfixible problem... Unless you you woop that persons a## boy or not woop there @ss