On my laptop my screen turned and now its sideways. what do i do!! its a new!!!?

Answer We had a HP that did that, then it just stopped working... Take it to Circut City or Best buy... they have teams that can take care of it... or you can take it to just about any true computer sto... Read More »

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My android phone screen is suck sideways what do I do?

check in the settings that auto rotate is set

My children pushed something on my keyboard and turned my screen sideways. I can't remember what to do to fix?

i used to do it in school, i think its something like altgr + up or ctrl+alt+up

Sideways Screen?

yea yo .. Screen Flipped Upside DownPC Errors, Help, and How-to'sDid you walk back to your computer after lunch to find your entire screen is upside down? You have fallen victim to one of the mos... Read More »

Can you lay an air compressor sideways?

Air compressors must stay upright because of the pressure. In addition, the fuel tank will leak if the compressor tips to the side. Set the compressor on a level surface. Use bricks of wood or ceme... Read More »