What proof is Everclear?

Answer Everclear is available in two strengths, 190 and 151 proof. Produced by the David Sherman Company, Everclear is a pure grain alcohol and is illegal in certain areas of the United States. It is not ... Read More »

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What is the alcoholic beverage Everclear?

Everclear is a brand of grain alcohol sold in proofs 151 (75.5 percent alcohol) and 190 (95 percent alcohol). It was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's most alcoholic dr... Read More »

Can you carbonate everclear?

In a word, yes. The carbon dioxide in our carbonated beverages is "dissolved" in water. Everclear does have water but to a lesser extent so the gas has less an affinity to dissolve. That may be a d... Read More »

Everclear and vodka is it ok?

First of all how old are you?..."do Everclear" you don't do Everclear you drink everclear and yes people that are old enough to drink do drink them together,if you do not drink much you will fell l... Read More »

Is Everclear legal in Michigan?

The 150 proof version of Everclear is legal and sold on Michigan. The 150 proof version contains an alcohol concentration of 75.5%. The original 190 proof version of Everclear is not legal in the s... Read More »