What Are the First Eukaryotic Fossils?

Answer Somewhere the vast course of evolution, small single-celled organisms, called prokaryotes, developed into complicated and multicellular beings, or eukaryotes. These cells underwent a gradual transf... Read More »

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What structure replaces the cell wall in eukaryotic cells?

Plants, protozoans, algae, fungi and animals are eukaryotic cells. Although some eukaryotic cells have a cell wall, animal cells do not. They have a plasma membrane that surrounds the cell. Instead... Read More »

Eukaryotic Cell Characteristics?

Only two types of cells exist in the world--prokaryotic and eukaryotic. Taxonomists classify bacteria and archaea (organisms similar to bacteria) as prokaryotic. Eukaryotic cells make up protists, ... Read More »

Is the kingdom animalia eukaryotic?

The kingdom Animalia, with more than 2 million species, is eukaryotic, meaning that these organisms have cells with a nucleus that is enclosed by a membrane. All animals are heterotrophs, or organi... Read More »

Is monera prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

Organisms within the kingdom Monera, including bacteria and archaeans, are prokaryotic. Prokaryotes are characterized by the absence of cellular organelles, such as a membrane-bound nucleus, and po... Read More »