What is Ethiopian food?

Answer Ethiopia is a northeast African country with flavorful and spicy cuisine. The simple one-pot dishes are served communally on a mesob, a platter made from woven straw.FlavorsHeavy spice is prominent... Read More »

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Is Drake Ethiopian?

No. Drake's father is African American and his mother is white Jewish Canadian.

When is the Ethiopian millennium?

The Ethiopian people have their own calendar, which is seven and a half years behind the Gregorian calendar that is familiar to the rest of the world. Therefore, according to Afrol News, the Ethiop... Read More »

Where is the Ethiopian Plateau?

The Ethiopian Plateau is made up of the highlands that form much of Ethiopia, a country located in east-central Africa. The northeastern boundaries of the plateau descend to the Denakil Desert. Sud... Read More »

What is the Ethiopian Bible?

The Bible of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church contains more books than the Bibles used by Catholics, Protestants and Eastern Orthodox.HistoryThe Ethiopian Orthodox Church is one of the Oriental Orthod... Read More »