What is Encyclopedia?

Answer It's a large database of information regarding nearly everything, Which can be expressed in a website, Books or DVD's.Very useful and informative.

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What is in an encyclopedia?

An encyclopedia is an extensive reference of research work containing articles on a variety of subjects or on numerous aspects of a particular field. Encyclopedias are alphabetized and come in mult... Read More »

What is an encyclopedia used for?

An encyclopedia is a reference work used to look up information. It is typically arranged alphabetically according to subject and can be either a broad-based reference that contains general informa... Read More »

What is Encyclopedia Dramatica?

Unfortunately, you can't live in it, as Encyclopedia Dramatica WAS a wiki, but no longer exists. It was a humourous wiki, and you can find the Wikipedia article at Read More »

What Is the Purpose of an Encyclopedia?

Encyclopedias have existed for thousands of years, the oldest surviving being the Roman "Naturalis Historia," written around 79 BCE. Modern encyclopedias emerged as early as the 1600s, though it wa... Read More »