What is the meaning of the name Edward?

Answer Edward is an English name that means “wealth protector.” The name comes from the Old English Eadweard and is a royal name. The youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II is named Edward, along with eig... Read More »

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This is for fans of Twilight, if Edward had a twin brother what would his name be?

Robert!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Get it, Robert??? I kill me. Whatever. Okay okay...Hulio.

How to Start a Fight Club?

Some see the movie or read the book "Fight Club" and think of it as just entertainment. Others see it and think of it as an eye-opener to a new, real way of life. This is not a means to start a rea... Read More »

How to Be a Fight Stopper on Club Penguin?

Have you ever seen your buddy get in a fight with someone and you didn't know what to do? Read this! It helps about 90% percent of the time!

Is Fight Club (1999) worth watching?

Fight club is definitely one of the best movies ever made I can guarantee that.It's at the same time funny, badass and intelligent.You won't see too many of those with such great performances from ... Read More »