What is the meaning of the name Edward?

Answer Edward is an English name that means “wealth protector.” The name comes from the Old English Eadweard and is a royal name. The youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II is named Edward, along with eig... Read More »

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This is for fans of Twilight, if Edward had a twin brother what would his name be?

Robert!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Get it, Robert??? I kill me. Whatever. Okay okay...Hulio.

What middle name goes good with the first name 'Lucky'?

Diamond for a boy Ruby for a girlI would love to meet THAT kid :D

What middle name goes best with the first name cryistobal?

How to Get Rosalie Cullens Curls?

Her hair is similar to this model's.This article is for all people who have been trying to get Rosalie Cullen's famous blond sculpted curls.