What is Echelon and why would they be snooping on my phone?

Answer Are you sure you are a 'nobody'? Am I sure? Are 'they' sure? How can they be sure?Maybe you 'say' you are a 'nobody', but in reality you are a 'somebody', Maybe you will be a 'somebody' 'someday' ... Read More »

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What was the phone used in"Echelon Conspiracy"?

The cellular phone shown in 2009's "Echelon Conspiracy," called the GZT 650, strongly resembles the Nokia Aeon. Both phones have two sections separated by a metallic strip and a transparent upper ... Read More »

Who Would You Like To See Play As The Third Echelon Team In A Splinter Cell Movie?

Honestly, if I were going to make a Splinter Cell : Movie it would be animated and it would retain the original voice actors and the original characters.Irving LambertAnna GrímsdottirVernon Wilkes... Read More »

Ask your kids if they had 3 wishes, what would they wish for. What'd they say?

8 year old dd, who is home sick today:1. AstroBoy to be real2. That she had the movie "AstroBoy"3. A really nice chocolate cake on her birthday.(just recently saw AstroBoy via Netflix and it is her... Read More »

What MTVSpike TV game show was with 4 people and they buzzed in questions if they got it wrong they would get humilated such as pied in the face eat cow brain and etc?