What is Eagle Claw fishing line made of?

Answer Eagle Claw fishing line is made from clear blue fluorescent monofilament and comes in several different strengths and lengths. Monofilament line is inexpensively produced from a single strand of ny... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot an Eagle Claw Gunnison Fishing Reel?

Eagle Claw is well-known and recognized by many fresh and saltwater anglers. Producing a wide range of fishing gear, including hooks, rods and reels, Eagle Claw products are reliable, well built an... Read More »

What is fishing line made of?

Fishing lines are made from a number of different materials including monofilament (nylon), braided Dacron (synthetic fiber), fluorocarbon (polyvinylidene fluoride), stren (monofilament nylon) and ... Read More »

What is a fused fishing line made of?

Fused fishing line, or "braided fishing line," is made up of a combination of monofilament and microfibers. What makes this product so strong and durable is that the materials are "braided" togethe... Read More »

What was Operation Eagle Claw in Iran?

Operation Eagle Claw was a failed US attempt to rescue hostages from the US Embassy in Iran, which had been seized by the Iranians.