What is EDI (Electronic Data Integration) what is current market trend ?

Answer EDI (also called electronic data interchange) is the primary means by which banks move money among themselves and from their customers (Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, credit card expenses, ... Read More »

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What is the current Army data trend on sexual assaults?

The majority of military victims are 20-24 year-old females in ranks PVT-SPC

What is the best investing strategy in a downward trend stock market?

On One Hand: Gamble for BigWhen the stock market is trending downward, the best investment strategy is to buy stocks of solid companies that are going down. When the stock market recovers, these st... Read More »

What is the electronic music on the current BBC 2 trailer for the How To Build series?

It's (CAT 00897-AA1) from Analogue Bubblebath 3 (1993) by AFX ( Aphex Twin)

Which electronic equipment do you like in market or at home ?

Actually none of the ones u mentioned but I like the Computer and all the peripherals which go with it. :)