What is the average teenage bust size?

Answer Breast size is a common concern of all women, not just teens. While there is no "normal" size--all women vary--the most common breast size at age 15 is 34B. Teens may still gain in size after this ... Read More »

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What is the largest tire size you can fit on a car dolly?

The largest tire that can be towed on a car dolly is an 18-inch-high 255mm wide tire. Some tires with a taller sidewall will not fit. The numbers on the side of the tire will tell you the sizes; 25... Read More »

How to Measure Bra Size to Bust Size?

A majority of women often realize they are wearing the wrong size bra, so knowing your measurements will ensure that the next bra you find and purchase will fit well and offer support. Aside from p... Read More »

How big is 34c bust size?

A 34C bust size means that the width around your torso at the place of your bust is 34 inches, and that you require a C cup, which refers to how large your breasts are. Bra cup sizes begin with an ... Read More »

How large is 34E in bust size?

Bust size is the measurement of a woman's chest over the fullest part of the breasts. A size 34E measurement refers to an "E" cup breast and a 34 inch measurement underneath the breasts, around the... Read More »