What is Developmental auditory imperception?

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How do developmental levels relate to nutritional needs of children at different ages and How do the developmental levels affect the eating process for children?

What Is Auditory Neuropathy?

Auditory neuropathy, sometimes called auditory dysynchrony, is a hearing disorder in which the inner ear receives sound properly, but the sound is not properly recognized by the brain. Auditory neu... Read More »

R&P - Who wants to have a little visual/auditory fun?

I'm actually doing something like this in my Electronic Music class that i have but we have to describe paintings with abstract sounds.Picture 1:Ok, this is really the song that I thought of at fir... Read More »

Auditory Devices Used in the Classroom?

Also known as Assisted Listening Devices, auditory devices are a vital piece of classroom equipment for hearing-impaired children. With background noise and poor classroom acoustics, many hearing-i... Read More »