What Is Depakote ER?

Answer Depakote ER ( divalproex sodium) is a prescription drug that can reduce seizures in patients, according to "ER" stands for "extended release," as the medicine in one dose is metabolized... Read More »

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Is there a pregency problem about 500mg depakote?

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How much time you wait with trying to get pregnant after stopping depakote?

I guess the best way to cure it is to drink plenty of water... steaming will do too...

What kind of side affects does depakote have on a 6 year old that is taking it?

Depakote (aka - divalproex) is used in the pediatric population as an anti-seizure or a mood stabilizer medication. Its most common side-effects are: dizziness, headache, nausea, sleepiness, and li... Read More »

Would the Dr from the doctors back up Alissa Milano dont touch your eyes mouth nose if your sick with false information like a zit would Dr Phil tell him he was dillusional and try to force depakote?

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