What is Darren McGavin's character known as in the movie"A Christmas Story"?

Answer Darren McGavin played Mr. Parker, also known as "The Old Man," in "A Christmas Story." He is known for his obsession with his leg lamp, his fight with the furnace, his love of turkey and his hatre... Read More »

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What anime that the character looks like code geass character and the story is about falling meteors.?

The character who opposes the main character is known as?

How to Differentiate Between a Major Character and a Minor Character in a Story?

Stories entertain readers and viewers with characters people can connect to. Each character in a story forms a situation, but may not be whom the story is centered around. Differentiate between a m... Read More »

What is the first name of the character known as Mrs Dithers in the TV show 'Blondie'?

Mrs Dithers's first name is Cora.In the original 14 episodes of the 1957 series, Elvia Allman played Mrs. Cora Dithers.The series tanked. A decade later, CBS attempted to play on the franchise agai... Read More »