What is DDR DIMM?

Answer A computer uses RAM (Random Access Memory) installed in "sticks" on the motherboard. RAM acts as a temporary space for rapid retrieval and storage of commonly accessed data. One type of RAM is the ... Read More »

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What does DIMM mean?

Dual Inline Memory Modules (DIMMs), along with Single Inline Memory Modules (SIMMs), are computer modules that have contacts on both sides of the bottom of the module. However, the contacts on the ... Read More »

Are SDRAM& DIMM RAM the same?

SDRAM and DIMM are not the same because DIMM is not actually RAM. DIMM is a small circuit board that holds memory chips, while SDRAM is a type of memory chip.References:"": Memory

How much memory is in each DIMM in Linux?

DIMM slots do not have any memory by default: they are the ports used to connect memory, or RAM, sticks to the computer. The amount of memory space on the RAM varies from model to model.References... Read More »

Is there a difference between SDRAM and DIMM?

DDR2 SDRAM refers to the type of RAM, in this case Double Data Rate times 2 and Syncronous Dynamic RAM.DIMM refers to the type of package it is in. In this case Dual Inline Memory Module. Without ... Read More »