What is Cricket CAPTR bluetooth pin?

Answer 32 gb is more storage space than 8gb a lot more storage space for your pictures ,ipod, videos, contacts and muych more

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How do you release the lock code from cricket captr?

last 4 digits of your phone number, then you can change it from the menu

Cricket CAPTR II with major water damage?

ok... i read everything... so let me answer your questions...Just to clarify... Rice Method only works 33% of the time if the phone is in the rice for over 48 hours striaght (not 5 hours!)............ Read More »

Are Cricket phones equipped for Bluetooth?

Cricket phones are equipped with Bluetooth technology. Cricket phones also feature an array of other features such as a digital camera, text and picture messaging, voice recognition and mobile web... Read More »

Will a cricket eat a dead cricket?

Crickets can be cannibalistic, and will readily eat dead and living insects--including other crickets. When keeping feeder crickets, it is important to remove any dead crickets to prevent others fr... Read More »