What is the song in coyote ugly where cammy & rachel danced to?

Answer Battleflag by Lo Fidelity Allstars feat. Pigeonhead…

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My sister is really ugly. What makes her ugly is cheeks on her face. And she has a triple chin. Its so ugly! ?

That's something really mean to say about your sister. And thats hilarious the donut thing. LOLZ!! As long as she is okay with it then you should be too. And don't worry about other people!! And if... Read More »

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Many people want to release their inner animal. Here, you will learn how to release the coyote in you!

Difference Between a Red Fox & a Coyote?

The red fox and the coyote are both mammals and have fur, babies that are born fully formed and alive, females that produce milk for their young, and warm-blooded bodies. The red fox and the coyote... Read More »

How to Trap a Coyote?

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