Do all bowling alleys have midnight bowling?

Answer Though midnight bowling is popular at many bowling alleys, it is not available at all bowling alleys. Some centers close earlier than others. For example, the Sundance bowling alley in Minnesota cl... Read More »

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Cosmic Ray Science Projects?

Cosmic rays are high energy radiation that originate in space and constantly bombard the Earth. Cosmic rays are charged particles, such ase protons or alpha particles. A large number of science pro... Read More »

How to Make the Cosmic Spin Yo Yo Sleep?

a good yo yo looks like this.Ever wanted to know how to do one of the best yo-yo trick? It is very easy, and ideal for beginners.

How to Be Enlightened by the Religion Cosmic People of Light Powers?

Ashtar SherranReligion today is not your parents religion. It is run by fanatics and mad people who use it to manipulate their followers for their own means. However, there is hope. The Universe Pe... Read More »

What is the title of the piece of music used by leonid the magnificent in his audition on America's Got Talent Season 2. The first part is Cosmic Gate's The Truth but what is the second part?

no idiot they made that show because they were bored to scare people like oh my god a clown is in their house what is he going to do amuse them to death