What is Comet Cursor?

Answer In 2006, PCWorld named Comet Cursor (introduced in 1997) as No. 16 on its list of the Top 25 worst tech products of all time. You should consider removing this if it is installed on your computer a... Read More »

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What is comet cursor spyware?

Comet Cursor is a spyware/adware infection. Spyware is a software program written to spy on the infected computer's owner. Adware is a program added to the computer unknowingly with the same functi... Read More »

What is the vomit comet?

A "vomit comet" is an aeroplane that briefly achieves zero G, allowing people and prospective astronauts to experience weightlessness.In general, 65 seconds of flight will achieve 25 seconds of wei... Read More »

How do I install Bit Comet?

Go to Bit Comet's website (see Resources). On the middle of the front page will be a download button that says "Free Download." Click on this button to begin downloading the application. Once the ... Read More »

Comet or Currys for a new T.V (U.K. only please)?

Firstly , Comet is a part of KESA Electrics.They both offer competitive prices, and are similar, the best thing to is consider budget, and narrow down to two TV's you like, use:Google Product Finde... Read More »