What is Clorox used for?

Answer The Clorox Company manufactures a variety of Clorox brand cleaning products. Most Clorox cleaning products contain bleach, or some chemical variation of bleach. Bleach contains chlorine, which ki... Read More »

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What is Javex bleach by Clorox used for?

Produced by Clorox, Javex brand of bleach is intended for professional use on hard surfaces and for controlling bacteria and algae in swimming pools. The bleach kills bacteria, disinfecting while c... Read More »

How Much Clorox Should Be Used to Purify Water?

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What is clorox?

Clorox is a brand of bleach that has been a household favorite for nearly 100 years. Clorox is used in hospitals, restaurants, schools, airports and hotels to promote a clean, germ-free atmosphere.... Read More »

What is the ph of Clorox bleach?

According to the University of New Mexico, the percentage of hydrogen (pH) level of Clorox bleach is 11.4, similar to that of ammonia. However, the Environmental Protection Agency places the averag... Read More »