Why did so many A-list actors star in the "Citizen Kane of Awful"-Movie 43?

Answer I saw it, parts of it, and it's horrible. All I can think is that they were doing a favor for a friend, or they though it would be a success because of the randy humor and star power. It was horrible.

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What if a US citizen gives birth in a foreign US military base is the child a US citizen?

There are two effective ways to gain U.S. citizenship at birth: have either (or both) of the parents be U.S. citizens, or be born on designated incorporated U.S. sovereign territory. The first meth... Read More »

What guarantees are in affect to protect a us citizen baby being taken out of U.S by non citizen mother with out consent of father?

A COG (Convenience of the Government) Discharge is the government's way of backing out of its commitment to an enlisted person without doing harm to that person's future. They are most often used t... Read More »

Laws About Being a Natural Born Citizen?

In 2011, celebrity business mogul Donald Trump accused President Barack Obama of not being a natural-born U.S. citizen and therefore is unconstitutionally serving as the American president. Some pe... Read More »

Can i call us immigration about applying to become a citizen?

You may call U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for information about the process required to become a citizen of the United States. As of 2010, the appropriate telephone number was 800-375-... Read More »