What is Chinese writing?

Answer The Chinese writing system is a logographic and isolating system (parts of the whole concept are put together using a series of morphemes, or sounds). It is one of the oldest and most influential w... Read More »

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What was the first example of writing in Chinese found?

The origins of writing in China are generally regarded to date from around 3,500 years ago. At that time, it became common for clan pictograms (emblems) to be incised on pottery and gemstones. Some... Read More »

The Art of Chinese Writing?

The art of Chinese writing, or Chinese calligraphy, traces its roots back thousands of years in Chinese history. Both the characters and the art of calligraphy are bound together in Chinese culture... Read More »

How to Be Fluent in Chinese Writing?

Two types of Chinese writing exist: traditional writing, using traditional characters, and simplified writing, which modified certain customary characters. Before the 1950s, all Chinese writing was... Read More »

Who created Chinese writing?

Chinese legend holds that character writing was created by a man called Canjie and is based upon the vein patterns of a tortoise. Whether this is true or myth, the roots of this writing system date... Read More »