What is Chinese eggplant?

Answer Although commonly thought of as a vegetable, eggplant is a type of fruit or berry, explains "The New Food Lover's Companion" by Sharon Tyler Herbst. Originating in Asia, Chinese eggplant is one var... Read More »

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What is you favorite chinese meal from a chinese resturant?

1) Glazed Walnut Shrimp2) Shark's Fin Soup3) Bird's Nest Soup4) Chicken Chow Fun5) Peking Duck6) Steamed Fish with Scallions, Ginger, & Soy Sauce7) Chinese Broccoli with Hoisin Sauce8) Ma Po Tofu

What color is eggplant?

- dark purple and light purple are the common colors - dark red- white (Santorini eggplant)- green with white stripes (Thai eggplant)- orange (Turkish Italian orange eggplant type)

What is a caponata eggplant?

A caponata eggplant--also referred to as eggplant caponata or Sicilian caponata--is a sweet-and-sour Sicilian dish similar to a ratatouille. This vegetarian dish is usually served at room temperatu... Read More »

Bought an eggplant, now what?

Wash your eggplant.You can either peel it or leave the skin on.Slice it thinly. Put some olive oil in a fry pan with 3 cloves of garlic minced.Then beat an egg or 2 and dip the pieces of eggplant i... Read More »