What is Chili Oil Ramune?


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How Would You Cool Down Chili That Has Too Much Chili Powder in It?

So you made a delicious pot of chili, perfect for a cold night at home ... except for one thing. You used too much chili powder, and the chili's too spicy for comfort. Don't worry. You don't have t... Read More »

Do you like chili I freaking love chili (recipe suggestions are very much appreciated! haha)?

I like vegetarian chili best but if hungry enuf won't turn down the meaty stuff. Speaking of kale, my friend put some on a cookie pan, salt and peppered it after drizzling olive oil on it, then b... Read More »

Where can i buy Japanese Soda Ramune?

Since I don't know where you are located, I can't really give you good advice. I did find some websites that sell it, though. Read More »

How to Open and Drink a Bottle of Ramune Pop?

The novelty of the ramune drink is the bottle shape and the stopper. It comes in a variety of flavors, including strawberry, peach, and lychee. A glass marble acts as a unique cap, keeping the soda... Read More »