What is Chevron Techron?

Answer Chevron's Techron concentrate fuel additive is a popular commercial solution for many fuel-system problems with older automobiles. Chevron claims that Techron gasoline reduces build-up in engines ... Read More »

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What is the meaning of chevron?

With an origin in the Middle Ages, the chevron symbol is omnipresent in our lives. The classic upside down V-shaped symbol, especially used as a symbol of rank on military or police uniforms, is al... Read More »

What is a chevron polygon?

In mathematical terms, a quadrilateral polygon, also known as a chevron polygon, is a closed, straight-lined, two-dimensional plane with four sides, and is composed of two pair of consecutive congr... Read More »

What is a chevron pattern?

A chevron pattern essentially resembles a row of "V" shapes nested against one another, often with one row of the pattern a different color than the next, creating the impression of a "zig zag."Ref... Read More »

What is a chevron on a coat of arms?

A chevron is a band of color in an inverted "V" that symbolizes a roof or protection. The word "chevron" is French for "rafter." It appears mainly on French and British coats of arms to signify som... Read More »