What is Cathay called now?

Answer In the 13th century, Cathay was the accepted name in Europe for what is known as northern China. It was derived from the word "Khitay," the name of a conquering force that ruled there for some 200 ... Read More »

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What country used to be called Cathay?

Cathay was what medieval Europeans called China, more specifically the northern area of China. The name continued in poetic and literary usage until the 19th century, when it fell out of favor. Tod... Read More »

What is the present-day name of Cathay?

According to Asia for Educators, the city in eastern China that was once called Cathay is now known as Kaifeng. Kaifeng is known for being a thriving city of trade in the 12th century.Source:Asia f... Read More »

What Asian country was once known as Cathay?

China was once known as Cathay. Marco Polo popularized Cathay, the medieval name for China, in accounts of his Asian journey. Cathay usually refers only to the part of the country that is north of ... Read More »

Where is Cathay?

Cathay is in Asia. In fact, Cathay is indeed the land we know as China. The word "Cathay" is a medieval name for the nation of China. The word was derived from the word "Khitan."Source:I Want That ... Read More »