What is Car Exhaust?

Answer All automobiles on the road produce some form of emissions as a byproduct of engine combustion. There have been great efforts over the years to attempt to curtail the amount of emissions that a car... Read More »

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What is an exhaust wrap?

Exhaust wrap is an automotive insulation product that is sold in rolls. It is used to wrap the exhaust header and exhaust pipes in motorcycles and automobiles. Exhaust wrap helps keep the heat from... Read More »

What are exhaust cut outs?

Unlike complete exhaust system replacements, exhaust system cutouts can give you performance and stealth at the flick of a switch. Relatively cheap and easy to install, cutouts are a popular option... Read More »

What is an exhaust system?

An exhaust system is an apparatus that removes and expels leftover gases or steam (flue gases) from an engine or combustion chamber through a tube or pipe that is channeled away from the engine. Ex... Read More »

What Is Exhaust Gas Recirculation?

The future of exhaust gas recirculation is under close scrutiny by many, including the automotive industry. While this is an important topic that can affect us globally, most consumers don't know ... Read More »