What is Car Exhaust?

Answer All automobiles on the road produce some form of emissions as a byproduct of engine combustion. There have been great efforts over the years to attempt to curtail the amount of emissions that a car... Read More »

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Cat-back Exhaust Vs. Axle-back Exhaust?

Cat-back exhausts and axle-back exhausts are aftermarket car upgrades. These modifications increase the horsepower of a car. Aftermarket exhausts are larger diameter pipes that increase airflow and... Read More »

How to Fit an Exhaust?

An exhaust may look like a simple piece of metal with a tube running through it, but it is actually quite complex in terms of its function. Engineering one that works efficiently and soundlessly is... Read More »

My ATV Exhaust Is Getting Red?

Most ATV mufflers are usually left in their raw steel form or painted black, suiting the muffler's utilitarian purpose. While the muffler's job is to quiet the roar of escaping exhaust gases, it ca... Read More »

What are exhaust cut outs?

Unlike complete exhaust system replacements, exhaust system cutouts can give you performance and stealth at the flick of a switch. Relatively cheap and easy to install, cutouts are a popular option... Read More »