What is Camera Raw mode and what's the advantage?

Answer As they have said above RAW means you get all the data. Know that if you shoot JPEG the camera decides what data to keep and what to throw out. Once its gone you can never recover it. If you shoot ... Read More »

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What is advantage and dis advantage of camera?

if do you mean the adapter to PC, it's a card with a hole, that you put into the micro sd card, and now you have "SD" card (or "SDHC"), then you can put it into Read More »

Whats advantage & disadvatage of linux?

Mi d and I would disagree on some of the points raised. And we would agree on others. I find Linux to be faster to load, faster to shut down, quicker to install than windoze. I don't worry about vi... Read More »

What is the advantage of a camera?

Unfortunately no.But other then that its a really good camera :)

How to Choose a Camera Mode?

Camera modes are the most necessary element to make a perfect snapshot. Whether it is night or day, you have to choose a mode which best matches the weather, background and the object.