What is California Penal Code 476?

Answer Section 476 of the California State Penal Code defines and addresses the passing of bad checks. You are guilty of forgery if you willfully intend to defraud someone else and, to do so, create, pass... Read More »

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What is California Penal Code 478?

Section 478 of the California penal code lays out the punishment for anyone convicted of counterfeiting. It is part of Title 13 of California penal code which concerns crimes against property.TextS... Read More »

What is California penal code 496?

Section 496 of the California Penal Code defines and discusses the consequences of what is commonly known as "receiving stolen goods." The statute also discusses the responsibilities of individuals... Read More »

What is the fine for PC 415 California penal code?

When a person is found guilty of California Penal Code section 415, which is public fighting, purposely using offensive language to start a confrontation or intentionally making loud noises, he or ... Read More »

What are the elements of penal code 245 a(1) California law?

Penal code 245 a(1) of California law covers the identification and penalties for committing assault with a deadly weapon--the act of trying to harm another individual using a weapon that could lea... Read More »