How much caffeine is in caffeine-free Coke?

Answer There is no caffeine at all in caffeine-free Coke. Caffeine-free Coke was first introduced in the United States in 1983, and is also available in a diet formula that contains less calories.Source:C... Read More »

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Kava Kava with caffeine raise blood pressure more than caffeine alone?

No, Kava is not known for raising blood pressure. If anything, it causes blood pressure to lower.

What do caffeine pills do?

They are a drug and you'll become an addict if you take it every day. it's meant to keep you awake but the energy is not long lasting just like coffee and it depletes you of your vitamins. Also too... Read More »

What is Google Caffeine?

i think its new way of search engine by Google..or may be Google change itself! i think yet nor reveal it..may be testing Mode...!…http://searchengineland.... Read More »

What Types of Tea Are Caffeine Free?

There is no caffeine-free version of real tea, because even so-called decaffeinated tea contains a small amount of the substance. The only truly caffeine-free tea is herbal tea, which doesn't come ... Read More »